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Challenge Time Again!
cazcatharsis wrote in flesh_and_steel

OMG guys we had such good results in the last challenge I couldn't wait to post the new one!

Much thanks to Tiamat and the girls from the Boomstick Edition chatroom for coming up with this one. :D


Yer next challenge is....

Beach Party Threesome

1 mech, 2 humans, OR 2 mechs, 1 human. On a beach.


The extra bit last time was fun as hell, so we're trying something somewhat similar.

For an added challenge, including the Beach party Threesome, you must include any 5 of the following 20 words in the story somewhere. Highlight em if you want. For artists, we're making an exception. Draw 2.

The words to choose from are:

Turkey bacon, Kegel, WD-40, Boomstick (shameless self promotion ftw), unmentionables, bassinet, turtle, albatross, Boots the Monkey, Litter, Red Herring, text message, gypsy, Jack daniels, penis, sandworms, Bookmark, nude model, fishing rod, and Pretender.

We're still stickin' to the old method of posting, so go ahead and let your OC's out to play! Entries can be posted straight to the comm, no anon submissions required.

You've got one month as usual. Entries are due by June 19th, the poll will run for one week after that.

Art and stories will have separate polls, and there will be a winner declared for each.


Fic: 500+ words. Legible. Pleese due spelchick. :P
Art: try to give us something more than stick figures, lol. Sketches are good, with or without color. Digital art is fun too.

In the spirit of the community, it MUST involve a human and a bot interacting in the starring 'role'.
Het and slash are both fine
As are all universes/continuities
OC's are allowed, but canon characters are encouraged. :)
Use appropriate warnings
Doesn't have to be smut, even if the challenge looks like it should be.
You can submit something previously written, but we'd love to see something new from you as well

You can either post your story to the community (be sure to label it as a contest submission!) or put it up somewhere else with a link left in a comment to this entry.


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*smacks forehead into desk* Arg, I hate you. (Back, back, bunnies! eeeep)

...Dude, I've already WRITTEN my epic threesome on a beach fic! Anything else I might write on the subject would be mere repetition.

Ah well, will just have to see what the next challenge brings. I do like the inclusion of X number of words from a set, though... that's a nice little extra. Hope you keep that for future challenges.

you could go completely opposite, just to see what you pop out with? Instead of good guys, make it bad guys. instead of smut, make it no smut. :D

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